Take Me Outside Day | October 20, 2021

On Wednesday October 20, 2021 we are celebrating Take Me Outside Day!

Our team is still in the process of planning the details for TMO Day 2021. In the meantime, we’d like to ask you to please save the date of October 20, 2021 in your calendars so that you can come out and join us for this special day!

More details coming soon…

To learn what TMO Day is all about, see below for an overview of our TMO Day 2020 event.

A huge thanks to Grade 3/4 students at Richard Secord School for showing us why #TakeMeOutsideDay is so important – great work!

TMO Day 2020

We want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all those who participated! This year alone we had over 3,300 educators sign-up for Take Me Outside Day! Thank you for helping to raise awareness about the importance of outdoor learning and students spending less time in front of screens! 

A Story from a Saskatchewan educator

“Last week our community and school got hit for the first time with COVID. We had 3 staff members and 3 students test positive and so our school shut down last Thursday until yesterday. I had 5 students come to school yesterday and the anxiety was in full force in the building. Near the end of the day I noticed my reminder about “Take Me Outside” Day. I told the students put it in their agendas and dress for the weather because tomorrow we would be spending the day outside.”

Well, needless to say it, was exactly what we needed. I had 4 boys show up this morning and they were excited. We started our day with a morning walk, did our daily math review and got in some physical activity right off the bat. Our nutritionist even brought our snack to us outside along with hot chocolate which was greatly appreciated since it was a little chilly and starting to snow. We decided we needed to get into the bush today so off for a hike we went in the middle of a blizzard! We found our way to a great local trail made by the local group BORA and the boys right away decided I was going to be the president and they were the army trying to protect me. For the next hour and a half, we were in the middle of combat with soldiers getting wounded and ready to attack. Thankfully they provided me with a stick made shield. The sun began to shine, and we stopped on a large rock to do some reading. Our mission was successful as we all made it back to our home base (the school) safely. After our walk we headed back to the school for some reflection and more outdoor play time.

In the midst of this pandemic hitting us hard, today was exactly what we all needed, the outdoors, fresh air, young creative minds, and fun. I thank you for the reminder that kids are still kids and the outdoors can be a place we can escape the chaos of what’s around us. I will definitely be making the outdoors more of a priority in my everyday teaching.”

Remy Rodden’s Take Me Outside Day Performance

As a warm up for Take Me Outside Day 2020 Remy Rodden played a live Zoom performance. This performance engaged 2,000 educators and their learners.

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Download Take Me Outside 2020 Poster

Are you in or are you out? This is the official Take Me Outside Poster for 2020 available to you to print, distribute and e-mail.