Take Me Outside Day | October 21, 2020

3300 Registered for Take Me Outside Day

Join educators and learners across Canada to help raise awareness about the importance of regular outdoor time!

This year is extra special as it is the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

To celebrate 10 years of Take Me Outside Day we will be organizing some special activities as well as giving away prizes, make sure to sign-up below to stay in the loop!

It’s time to get outside Canada! We are a nation known for outdoor pursuits and having one of the best backyards in the world, but the reality is we are spending less and less time outside, including younger generations. That’s concerning on so many levels, not least because it’s taking a toll on our health and well-being.

Take Me Outside Day is a reminder to do just that. It’s an invitation to schools to extend the classroom beyond four walls and a desk and engage with school grounds and natural areas.

Take Me Outside Day 

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Last year’s TMO Day had well over 200,000 students from across Canada outside! Thank you for helping to raise awareness about the importance of outdoor learning and students spending less time in front of screens! Check out our slideshow of TMO Day highlights set to music from environmental educator and songwriter Remy Rodden

How to be involved in Take Me Outside Day

1. Get Outside!

Commit to spending at least 1 hour outside with your class on October 21st. Ideally, it’s during class time, but outside recesses and lunches seem to be dwindling, so anything goes!

2. Register for TMO DAY!

Register for TMO DAY!

3. Share your stories!

We love hearing & seeing how much fun you are having outside. Visit our Social Media pages to share your videos, images, and stories use the #TakeMeOutsideDay. Our goal is to have all social media platforms bombarded with images & stories of happy learners outside! If social media is not your thing, no problem, you can still email us those pictures and stories and we will keep our website updated.

4. Get Creative!

Customize Take Me Outside Day and make it your own! Want to spend the full day outside? DO IT! Want to make it a school wide event? DO IT! It’s time to step away from those screens and enjoy what your local region has to offer. Need ideas? Check out our new RESOURCE PAGE!

5. Spread the Word!

Download the poster & share it far and wide! Invite your colleagues to register! Share the Take Me Outside web page to your social media accounts! Most important of all advocate for outdoor learning for everyone!

Why the end of October?


In 2011, Colin Harris, founder and Executive Director of Take Me Outside ran over 7,600 kilometres (the equivalent of 181 marathons!) from St. John’s, NL to Victoria, BC. Along the way, he visited 80 schools and met with almost 20,000 students, talking about the importance of finding balance between the amount of time they spend outside and the time they are spending in front of screens. The final day of his cross Canada run was in late October. To celebrate the end of his mega-run and to continue the momentum of awareness raising on this important issue, Take Me Outside Day was established. It is a day to highlight the importance of unplugging and spending time outside, being active and connecting with nature. It’s also a time to play and have fun in the fresh air. JOIN US!

Still looking for more ways to support outdoor learning?


TMO Learning Challenge

A full school year long outdoor learning challenge complete with support from your team at Take Me Outside, as well as through a community of educators working together to provide meaningful time outside for learners!

TMO Learn Outside

Feeling nervous about educating within four walls this fall? We are nervous for you and want to support you in taking your learners outside. That’s why we created a letter template to assist you in communicating the value of outdoor learning to government and education officials in your community, province and in our country!

3300 Registered for Take Me Outside Day

Download Take Me Outside 2020 Poster

Are you in or are you out? This is the official Take Me Outside Poster for 2020 available to you to print, distribute and e-mail.