Annual Impact Reports

Annual Impact Reports

We’re excited to share our Annual Impact Report for 2023!
Click the image to the right, or the links below to check it out and reflect alongside us how far we’ve come. Thanks to each and every one of you for your support – we couldn’t do it without you! If you’re looking for older reports, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

We’re grateful to have seen so much support and interest in outdoor learning as we mark another year of growth within our community and our events. Internally, we made some big steps forward, including officially becoming a charitable organization! As participation increases, we have the great privilege of working alongside many inspiring educators and seeing the work in motion to move learning beyond the classroom, strengthening learners’ and educators’ relationships with the outdoors. This, more than ever, solidifies a sense of hope. A growing field of research bolsters our mission, but we wouldn’t see the real shifts happening without you.

Over the past year, Take Me Outside had numerous projects, initiatives, events, and partnerships worthy of celebrating. This report acts as a year in summary, both ongoing and new, as we look ahead to the upcoming year. If you were able to be a part of any of our initiatives, we thank you for your support and hope this reflection shows just how much collective and ongoing enthusiasm exists for outdoor learning across Canada and beyond. And we hope you find it as inspiring as we do.

– Colin Harris, Executive Director
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