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Should I go outside during COVID?

Should I go outside during COVID is a great overall statement from health practitioners in response to COVID-19. As well, Children and Nature Network have created some  great articles at this link  including How to bring the outdoors in when you’re stuck inside.


Staying Active at Home

Playful Games for Indoors


Outdoor Learning Activities, Games & Projects


Unstructured Time

We know in these uncertain times, everyone is doing the best they can with the amount of time cooped up at home. We often feel this pressure to find lists of ideas, resources and activities to help fill our days. And while it’s necessary to find some degree of structure throughout the day, research has proven the importance of unstructured time – how beneficial that can be for healthy development, especially with kids. We sometimes fear boredom, but studies show so many benefits that come from being bored.

So during these weeks ahead, cut yourself some slack. We’re all doing the best we can.