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Don’t miss Julian at 1pm ET, on Tues Oct 17th 2023!

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There is wildlife to be found everywhere, even in the most bustling urban environments. On Tues Oct 17th, Julian Victor is joining us to talk all about sharing space with our animal neighbours in the outdoors. Catch his conversation with Jesse Hildebrand from Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants, and come away with a renewed sense of awe for all creatures, big and small.


Speaker biography:

Julian Victor is a Wildlife Filmmaker from Toronto and has an impressive background working with National Geographic, Smithsonian and PBS.

He currently hosts a monthly segment on Canada’s top Morning show Breakfast Television called “On the Wild Side“. In this segment, Julian passionately showcases the remarkable biodiversity of Toronto and its surroundings, aiming to educate people from all walks of life about our planet and the importance of wildlife conservation.

Julian’s core mission is to be an advocate for our planet and its inhabitants. One of his special interests lies in revealing the resilience of wildlife thriving in urban environments, from the bustling colonies of double-crested cormorants along Toronto’s waterfront to the captivating sight of turkey vultures perched on buildings in the heart of the city. Through his work, Julian seeks to inspire and teach others about the incredible adaptability of wildlife in our urban landscapes.