OL Subscription for School Boards & Districts

2024-2025 Outdoor Learning School Board Subscription Package

Valid for school year • September 1 – June 30

Are you a school system administrator looking to empower your staff and create an engaged culture of outdoor learning within your board or district? This new subscription service, offered by Take Me Outside and the Outdoor Learning Store is a comprehensive package that will provide you with amazing resources, support, professional development opportunities for you and your staff, swag, and more. Choose either the Enhanced or Standard Subscription and take the next step to place-based learning outside!

If you have questions, or would like more information, please email info@takemeoutside.ca .

Outdoor Learning Subscription Supports

Standard Subscription ($5,000)

Enhanced Subscription ($10,000)

1) Outdoor Learning Virtual Workshop(s). Engaging online sessions that are uniquely tailored to the needs of your school board/district, including age groups and location offered by our Outdoor Learning Team. Outdoor Learning Subscription Workshops . 1 x 60-90 min Virtual Workshop (can be recorded and shared) 2 x 60-90 min Virtual Workshops (can be recorded and shared)
2) Access to our Secure & Searchable Outdoor Learning Resource Hub. A comprehensive guide to resources and organizations across North America connected to Outdoor Learning through their events, resources, activities, etc. This newly developed guide is searchable by region, subject area, offerings, themes, age groups, and seasons. Full access – 10 months (September – June) Full access – 10 months (September – June)
3) Full access to Outdoor Learning Experts. A liaison from your school system will have full access to our Outdoor Learning Staff Team. Included in this can be recommendations for resources, best practices, professional learning and funding opportunities. Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
4) Customized Outdoor Learning Event Communications.  Each season, you will receive customized images and graphics with your logo. You can use these to help you promote upcoming outdoor learning events for your staff, including the Seasonal Outdoor Learning Virtual Workshops , Take Me Outside Day/Week , and the Take Me Outside for Learning Challenge . 3 / year (Fall, Winter, Spring) 3 / year (Fall, Winter, Spring)
5) Confirmed & Complimentary Registration for our Outdoor Learning Conference ! This past year, registration completed in under 24 hours! So we offer you a confirmed seat (no charge) at this conference, as part of this subscription program. n / A A Confirmed & Complimentary Registration for the Outdoor Learning Conference!
6) Enrollments for the Outdoor Learning Certification Program . Educators can expand their knowledge of how to integrate the outdoors into their teaching practice using effective strategies and resources in this interactive online course for K-12 educators. 5 x Complimentary Enrollments 10 x Complimentary Enrollments
7) Discount on all outdoor learning training, tools, resources, equipment & apparel for your school system for the year ahead! This is valid for BOTH the Outdoor Learning Store AND the Take Me Outside Store . 5% discount 10% discount
8) A Fully Customizable Outdoor Learning Classroom Kit.  This can be given away to a school or teacher of your choosing to encourage or reward their efforts! They can choose what they need to support them in heading outside with a kit packed full of resources to prepare educators to connect to the land while incorporating curriculum and local knowledge across subjects and ages. $500 value (Introductory Classroom Kit) $1000 value (Enhanced Classroom Kit)
9) Take Me Outside Apparel.  Whether you use them as gifts, prizes, or incentives for outdoor learning and participation, these t-shirts, toques, hats, and journals are a great addition to any teaching team heading outside the classroom. $500 value $1000 value
10) Outdoor Learning School District Digital Certificate & printable .pdf. Show your support and commitment to Outdoor Learning by displaying your certificate of dedication to outdoor learning in your school system.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions for our team!

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Enhanced School Board Subscribers for the 2024-2025 school year

Standard School Board Subscribers for the 2024-2025 school year