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freeholder CORNWALL — Longue Sault Public School is working on a brand new development by doing what it can to incorporate more outdoor activities.

The staff at Longue Sault Public School is looking forward to having Colin Harris, an athlete who is running across Canada, explain the importance of outdoor playtime in a child’s daily routine in the month of May.

Harris is currently spending his time running across Canada, visiting schools across the country, encouraging kids to go outside and be active with his program “Take Me Outside”.

“This sedentary lifestyle is leading to a general decrease in kids’ health,” stated Harris on his website.

The children from Longue Sault Public have many outdoor activities already set up throughout the year including a bike-a-thon fundraiser in September and skating throughout the winter but more summer and spring activities will be added.

“Lots and lots of studies are coming out about how much North Americans, in general, are spending more time inside,” said Keri Spink, elected member of the parent council for Longue Sault Public School.

Currently, the parent council is working with the school to create activities that children can do on a daily basis. The parents, staff and students hope to record the time spent outdoors to show Harris the improvements that have been made.

“There is a critical amount of development in the preschool years and in the four to 11 age group,” said Louise Simmons, chronic disease prevention, program coordinator for the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

“Studies have shown that kids who are active have better development in school; math and social development stand out the strongest. Schools who have kids in ( outdoor activity programs) and are active every day have shown better results in tests compared to other schools.”

Because the weather constantly changes, the exact date of Colin Harris’ arrival cannot be determined however, the estimated date is between May 10 and May 13.

“I think there are a lot of important lessons to be learned through Colin with this program,” said Spink.

For more information about the outdoor activities which will be added to the school programs please contact Longue Sault Public School.

To follow Colin Harris’ run through Canada and his story, please visit his website at

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