Black History Month 2024

This Black History Month, let’s honour some of the incredible organizations and individuals dedicated to fostering outdoor experiences for Black communities:

  • Jacqueline L. Scott is a passionate researcher and advocate for Black representation, access, and inclusion in outdoor spaces, and runs a platform across multiple outlets called Black Outdoors – “where race, nature and history meet”. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, OISE, in the department of Social Justice Education, and is a fellow at the Safina Center. Her recent report and associated toolkit titled “Race and Nature in the City” sheds light on the intersection of race, urban environments, and access to nature.
  • Brown Girl Outdoor World is changing the narrative through adventure, education, and advocacy for the BIPOC community. They create the adventures, to build the community, to be the representation that will change the narrative! Demiesha Dennis is the Founder and Director of BGOW, and is actively working to change present narratives related to change, inclusion, belonging and safety in outdoor spaces for diverse, historically excluded communities.

  • Colour The Trails is a national Black woman owned business founded by Judith Kasiama, focused on improving access to outdoor activities for BIPoC (including those who lay within the intersection of BIPoC and 2SLGBTQAI+ community) adventurers. They host events that break barriers for BIPoC to enter outdoor sports, and create media that showcases BIPoC stories in the outdoors. Through their programming and initiatives, they aim to build awareness, create representation, dismantle barriers and create accessible opportunities for participation in outdoor recreation.
  • Chelsea Murphy is an outdoor advocate, enthusiast, creative, and inspirer. She is on a mission to create a better – more inclusive outdoor culture for her mixed children. Her mothering philosophy centers spending at least 30 minutes outside each day. Chelsea encourages a more inclusive and equitable outdoor community while celebrating and representing Black motherhood in the midst of a dominant culture. She is shifting outdoor culture while inspiring joy and liberation!

These individuals and organizations are instrumental in bridging the gap between race and nature, creating inclusive environments where Black communities can thrive outdoors. Let’s continue to support their efforts beyond Black History Month. #BlackHistoryMonth #OutdoorAdventures

Who would you add? Let us know in the comments below!

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