Day 72 – 49.1 km (total – 1488.2 km)

Today was long and fairly uneventful, so I’ll just share two highlights from my day.

First, today was likely the warmest day yet for running.  The sun shone bright most of the day, which allowed me to take my morning and afternoon break on the side of the TCH.  It was nice just to plop myself down on a piece of grass (yes grass!), soak in some warmth from the sun, stretch and have some little snacks packed away.

Chillin at the side of the TCH

Chillin at the side of the TCH

The second highlight came at about 41km.  The section of highway we are travelling is fenced on either side for the protection of animals.   I came across a white-tailed deer on the other side of the fence that was likely used to cars and trucks whizzing by, but not runners.  The deer bolted and started running west along the fence.  It would run about 50 metres and then stop to watch me.  I’d catch up and then it would run another 50 metres and the cycle continued for about 6 minutes.  It’s not often you get to say you ran with a deer for a kilometre – sort of.  Deer never cease to transfix me.  There is something about their calmness and gracefulness that captures me every time.   And so I’m thankful for my visitor at the side of the TCH on this particular day!


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