Day 70/71 – 44.5 km (total – 1439.1 km)

Tanya, presenting her In Motion program

Tanya, presenting her In Motion program

After a day off yesterday, which included a hot shower at the new YMCA in Moncton (thanks John for those free passes!), we started our week with a trip to Forest Glen Elementary.   Today was a bit different though as it was a shared presentation with about 250 students in the gymnasium.

Tanya Thibeau is a PE Mentor in Moncton.  Recently, she found one of our shirts in the Halifax MEC and loved the message.  She got home and looked up the website only to discover what we were doing and that we were close by.  It was a good fit as she is promoting a new program in New Brunswick called In Motion ( and was launching the program at Forest Glen today.  You can check out their website, but essentially the program originated in Saskatoon and revolves around an effort to get students active for 30 minutes every day.  So Tanya presented the program to the students this morning, followed by Take Me Outside’s message.  Of course, the best part was going outside for recess after the assembly and playing a new game of tag that Tanya taught to all the students.  It was new to Sarah and I, but perhaps you’ve heard about it.  You hand out pinnies and about 30 students are “it”.  When they tag someone, they play a quick game of Rock Paper Scissors and if the person who was tagged loses, they get handed the pinny and are “it”.  If they win, they get a second chance and the person who tagged them remains “it”.  A great big group game that gets students active… thanks Tanya!


This afternoon, it was back to the TCH and although the wind and me were having a little tug of war, I was able to put in some good distance.

Jennifer O’Connor, who I have mentioned a few times in my writing, keeps a blog about her 40 acts of philanthropy she is undertaking in her 40th year of life.  She posted some thoughts last night and I thought it might be nice to share another perspective. (  Jennifer has contributed a lot to this project and one of the creative things she did was give Sarah and I a time capsule with various envelopes to open at different places throughout the coming month.  So thanks Jennifer for your continued efforts towards this project!


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