Day 5 – Rest Day (total – 103.6 km)


Looking out from Arnold’s Cove

“What if you hooked up a tv to a treadmill outside and if you stopped running , the tv would shut off!”

Walking, running, walking dogs, swimming in summer, peddle-biking…

Why is getting outside important?
To be healthy
To get fit
To get sunshine
To get a tan!
To lose that last 10 pounds!

Day 5 – day off (total – 103.6 km)

It was surprisingly disappointing not to run today.  It was a scheduled day off but it has been the most beautiful day so far and it would have been great to get some miles in under the nice sun.  However, I did meet with over 100 students today from grades 1-6 for a quick chat at Tricentia Academy in Arnold’s Cove.  When asked what they liked to do outside, answers ranged from walking to swimming in the summer to peddle-biking.  And as for why it’s important to get outside, students yelled out “to get healthy”…”to get sunshine”… “to get fit”… and my favourite, “to lose that last 10 pounds”!  We talked about screen time and a grade 6 boy at the back of the lunchroom had a great idea… “What if we hooked up a tv to a treadmill outside and if you stopped running, the tv would shut off!”  He was very animated and passionate about this idea.  Who knows, maybe it would work for some of us!


And in another direction…

Majors Ralph and Gloria Fudge took us in for dinner tonight.  Gloria made a delicious chili and must have known about my sweet tooth – an amazing trifle for dessert along with some other goodies (we even got some to go!).  They let us do some laundry and even take a shower… speaking of showers, that was my first one after running 100 km.  (The RV does have a shower and toilet, but neither can be used in the winter as the pipes would freeze… so it’s going to be a couple months of doing business outside and smelling a little foul!) I was doing alright up until this morning, when even I was a little disgusted by smell.  No idea what Koona thought lying next to me!  Anyway, the timing couldn’t have been better, so we are truly thankful to the Fudges for taking us in!


Majors Ralph and Gloria Fudge… thank you so much!

We had to backtrack to Chapel Arm tonight and I will try to get in some miles tomorrow morning before the snow is supposed to come.  My body feels rested and I’m eager to get back on the road!


Koona doesn’t look too impressed… but she was happy, I swear!


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