Day 189-197 – 141.6 (total – 4454.8 km)

The quick rundown…

I finished running east of Nipigon on Friday and proceeded to drive into Thunder Bay to take the weekend off and pick up my dad from the bus station.  He is joining me for the next couple of weeks for the stretch to Winnipeg.  As I was driving in on Friday, the RV started having a burning smell and the front of the RV started smoking… in the driver area.  Long story short, I had to nurse the RV into TBay.  I’m not exactly sure what was wrong, but it certainly didn’t feel safe having smoke up front.  The issues with the RV have been many and although I have grown attached to it and wanted it to make it to the west coast, a decision was made to leave it and get another vehicle.  Today, my dad and I found another RV and although it is equally as old as the Citation, it is in good shape and hoping that it can make it with ease to BC.  I have so many thoughts and so little time to share tonight as I’m sitting in a Chapters using wireless and the store is closing soon.

I am so thankful to have my dad on board for a bit.  It will be such a nice treat to give my thumb a rest from hitchhiking.  But more than that, I am excited to share this time with him.  It has been over 15 years since we will have spent this kind of concentrated time together.  I’m making fun of him already for his cooking abilities… when we were younger, he would cook dinner once a week for our family, but it was either pancakes or muffins for dinner!  So he has a learning curve over the next couple of weeks.  I think he’s up for the challenge!

The '83 Glendale

The ’83 Glendale

We head back east tomorrow morning and I will begin the 3 day run back into Thunder Bay.  I am anticipating the Terry Fox Memorial that I’ll likely hit on Thursday.  I have enjoyed the weekend and have seen some old friends who live in the city so it’s been good to take a break and regroup.

More to come… but for now, back to the road!

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