Day 198-200 – 142.6 km (total – 4597.4 km)

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, figuratively that is, can be difficult.  I experienced that yesterday as I ran the last stretch of highway that Terry Fox was able to run before having to stop and be taken to the hospital.  He had strong determination.  He had unyielding perseverance.  He was a fighter.  And yet part of me couldn’t help but wonder if he had those moments of doubt.  And maybe not even doubt, but at least question marks.  What is the point of doing this?  Can I actually do this?  What good will come of this?  I have little desire to draw too many comparisons, but being out on the TCH for 5-6 hours every day, I can attest to the fact that you live in your head.  And you ask a lot of questions to yourself over the course of running that daily marathon.


As  I ran up to the monument, I was overwhelmed.  I felt humbled to be in  the spirit of this great Canadian.  I felt privileged to share my moment  of arrival with my dad.  And I felt inspired.  Terry Fox has inspired  millions of Canadians.  Every student learns his story in school and  there are likely thousands and thousands of projects, posters and  written pieces of work dedicated to what he did for our country.   Although he has become one of the most prominent Canadians in our  history and is often called a hero, Terry Fox was a quiet hero.  On the  monument, it even alludes to him not knowing what all the attention and  fuss was for.


Terry  Fox challenges us – not just students, but every one of us.  He  challenges us to make a difference – to have something you believe in  strongly and live that belief.  There may be questions along the way,  perhaps even moments of doubt.  And those are the moments we can think  of his determination and perseverance in moving forward.  He inspires us  to embody the spirit with which he ran across this country in living  out our own convictions.  He inspires us to become heroes within the  communities we live in.

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