Day 165-167 – 54.6 km (total – 3604.5 km)

Fun times at Science North

Fun times at Science North

A sense of wonder is a pretty cool thing to see in kids.  And although I have been exposed to seeing this sense of wonder typically unravel outside, I saw wide-eyed kids exploring the natural environment inside.  I spent most of yesterday at Science North in Sudbury.  It’s an amazing centre with a butterfly exhibit, ecosystems of Ontario, a technology section and many other cool things.  It was a popular place yesterday and it was so fun to see kids diving into the hands-on exhibits that makes Science North one of the main attractions in Sudbury.  Whether it was a flying squirrel presentation or seeing beavers, porcupines, skunks, turtles and snakes, both kids and parents got an up close view of some amazing creatures.  There will always be a debate about these animals being in captivity, but when you see these kids being exposed to creatures that they might otherwise be scared of, it’s hard not to see some of the benefits that come from spending a day in a place like this.  The hope is that places like Science North can have a positive impact on the mindset of youth and that years down the road, they can develop a greater sense of appreciation for this amazing web of life we live in.

I took in the IMAX film Hubble.  It’s pretty mindblowing to not only see our planet from space but to get a glimpse of some of what’s out there.  The fact that we’re precisely the right distance from the sun and just on the right axis to support life is pretty incredible.  It’s an amazing planet.  And we live an amazing country!

Sudbury... woohoo!

Sudbury… woohoo!

I spent Canada Day running… only a half marathon before deciding to call it quits.

Today, I ran about 36 and am getting ready for a long week of some good miles in an attempt to make it to the Sault.  The feet are feeling good and healing, and my left leg is coming along.  My thumb is getting a work out as well!  This morning took about 45 minutes to get a ride… but this afternoon only took 5 minutes!

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