Day 168/169 –84.4 km (total – 3688.9 km)

BBQ'ed rainbow trout and asparagus... delicious!

BBQ’ed rainbow trout and asparagus… delicious!

Familiarity is a strange thing.  If you’ve ever driven the stretch between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, chances are you’ve stopped at the Timmies/Wendy’s at the turn off for Espanola.  It’s a popular spot and is usually packed.  It was my halfway point today for the run, so the RV was parked here and I have just returned after finishing today’s distance.  It is certainly vacation time and so this locale proves to be an interesting people-watching venue for someone who’s going to spend the rest of the night in this parking lot!  There are likely other places that I could drive to that would be quieter and more secluded, but for some reason, this place feels familiar.  I don’t even drink coffee… however, I do have a soft spot for apple fritters!

After yesterday’s run, I did find a little conservation area outside of Lively that had a lake.  So it was great to go for a dip and bbq some good food in the parking lot.  It’s been a long couple of days and it will likely be a long week still ahead.  But the anticipation of arriving in the Sault is worth the push.

Ivan picked me up at the end of today’s run.  Once he found out what I was doing, he told me he had had this very conversation with his daughter this morning about buying the latest igadget.  And to walk the talk, he bought a mountain bike so that he could go for rides with her!  Pretty cool…

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