Day 156/157 – 35.3 km (total – 3332.1 km)


This one time at band camp…

It’s true.  When I was younger, I went to band camp.  With the exception of the first year I went, when I called my parents after 2 days to bring me home (shyness + not knowing anyone), I spent many years making music at band camp, playing my big bass trombone.  Yep, that’s right – the trombone!  Band camp ended up being about more than just making music… like many other camps, the social dimension was integral and fundamental to everything else that happened throughout the course of the day.  Hookups, breakups, and other such gossip moved quicker than my trombone slide ever could.  I digress… playing music was what we were passionate about.  Creating, molding and shaping that music outside over the lake was something pretty special.

There are certain combinations that just work.  Salt and pepper.  Avocadoes and lime.  My personal favourite – popcorn and m & m’s.  But without a doubt, music and the outdoors seems like the perfect combo, at least to me.  Hearing live music at an outdoor venue can’t be beat!  Just as much as our culture has been shaped by our connection to nature, so too has it been shaped by our connection to music.  Being able to experience music outside, whether creating it or listening to it, has a unique ability to energize the soul.  It is a combination that I wish I could be exposed to more often, simply for that reason.  So to all the music lovers out there, enjoy a summer of sweet tones that find their way through the breeze to the core of your soul!

The quick lowdown on the running side of things…

Yesterday was a long day.  The legs are readjusting to the routine and still need a bit of time to get back and feel the way they did through Quebec.  Today is a day off being spent relaxing and getting some errands done!

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