Day 158 – 26.6 km (total – 3358.7 km)

Over the past 5 months, Sarah has spent day in and day out being in the RV and helping me out with the logistics of this run across the country.  She has supported me, cooked for me, driven for me, walked Koona for me… the list is quite long.  And before January, there was a year spent working towards this.  Sarah wrote endless grant proposals and letters to government trying to garner support for this project.  She has given so much of her time and effort and energy into Take Me Outside.

On Wednesday night, I drove Sarah down to Toronto so that she could fly back to Halifax for personal reasons.

I met Sarah about a decade ago and I have rarely met a person that can be so giving, caring and understanding.  There are so many memories wrapped up in this friendship – concerts, hiking trips, road trips, sailing on Koshlong, enjoying the winter sun, bbq’ed sausages in Halifax…

True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not.” - anonymous

The quote above resonates for me… not many friends would give up almost half a year to do what she’s done.  There are endless other things people would rather do than spend 4 months of winter in an RV.  This wasn’t convenient for her.  But she did it anyway.  And it’s hard to know how to say thank you.  I am forever grateful for this friendship – it’s ups and downs and everything in between.  There is more to be said, but not in a blog.  This is simply to say thank you out loud.

The run continues… I will be solo for awhile.  It will involve driving the RV ahead 25 km and hitchhiking back to my starting point to run back to the RV and repeating this in the afternoon.  And if today is any indication as to what’s to come, it should be an interesting few weeks!

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