Day 101/102 – 31.6 km (total 2476.9 km)


Parc Lafontaine in the heart of Montreal… where the RV is parked for a couple of days!

Yesterday’s run was a mix of strong winds, rain, sun, humidity – it seemed to change every 10 minutes.  I ran to Repentigny, which is on the east side of Montreal.  Sarah and I then drove into Montreal last night.  We both have friends in town and for the first time in about a month and a half, we will enjoy a full two and a half days off.  Last night, my friend Steve drove in from Tremblant to meet up for dinner.

Just over a decade ago, after university, I worked and lived in the Rockies for a bit.  Kananaskis was this great little spot that wasn’t as busy as Banff, but had everything you could ask for as an outdoor lover!  Peter Lougheed Provincial Park was just down the highway.  I was surrounded by mountains and rivers and cold, icy lakes.  I met Steve at the hotel I worked at and we quickly became friends.  He taught me how to rock climb and we enjoyed many days off exploring the area.  He was also the friend I climbed my first mountain with – Mt. Kidd, which was tucked in behind the hotel we worked at.  But later that summer, we set our sights on Mt. Bogart, which is the second highest mountain in the Kananaskis region.  It was a tough scramble, but we couldn’t have chosen a better day.  It was a clear blue sky and we could see for miles and miles.  And as we were just metres away from summiting, a golden eagle took off from the peak over our heads.  It was magical and an experience we will never forget!

I haven’t seen Steve for about 3 or 4 years, so it was great to catch up with him last night and relive some of those memories from that summer out west.  And although life has taken us to different parts of the country, we still talk about more climbing adventures to come.  Being outside was the catalyst for our friendship.  And that friendship will always be intact because of that love for enjoying this beautiful backyard we live in that is Canada.  Thanks Steve!

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