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Active Hope: Practices to move through climate anxiety

Supporting educator well-being supports the education system. But what happens if the teachers and educators are grappling with climate anxiety? How do we teach the leaders of tomorrow when our own fear of the future stands in the way? You are not alone. Let's join together to learn practical habits to reframe climate anxiety as a healthy human response to the state of the planet and move through the discomfort to a place of active hope. The workshop will lean into poetry, creative expression and authentic conversation - no experience necessary, all are welcome. The underlaying theory is informed by the influential "Four-fold Spiral" of ecophilo...

Camp Magic

Taking kids outside can open the doors to a magical world of unexplained adventure, experiences and stories. When these moments happen as outdoor educators, we often refer to them as 'Camp Magic'. Situations that leave students and teachers with a memory of a life-time and a story that will be told for many years to come. But how do we create these 'magical' moments for our students? Can we actually plan 'Camp Magic' or does it happen organically, naturally and only when unplanned? Join me in this session as we explore the thought process behind these moments and how to potentially design, facilitate and implement your own 'Camp Magic'.

Well-being, Climate Change and Physical Education : links, challenges and solutions

Climate change is the defining challenge of our era. Well-being might be a close second! How can physical educators address these topics with their students? Should they? How can we equip ourselves to teach about climate change, while considering our own and our students' well-being? This session will allow teachers to discuss and explore the role that physical educators have in teaching about climate change. We will also examine how outdoor learning can play a role in both climate change education and teacher well-being. We'll look at examples of what is being done and hear about why outdoor learning is associated with greater subjective well-being ...

Educating the hearts of youth to promote nature stewardship

In our technology-driven world, we need to ensure that youth, our future leaders, are connected to nature. In this workshop, hosted by Outward Bound Canada in collaboration with the Nature Education Collective (NEC), participants will experience the immediate benefits of learning in nature through simple outdoor activities. They will learn about the many benefits of outdoor education for students, such as social-emotional skills and improved mental health, and recognize how important emotional connections to nature are for environmental conservation. They will also learn how to collect and analyze data to demonstrate the value of outdoor education and ...

Land-based Learning: An inquiry about relationships, the environment and our students

Join us for a presentation about how school staff and community members explored what land-based learning could look like from kindergarten to grade 12; situated in a remote, Yukon community. We explored place-based literacy and numeracy, while connecting relationships to local First Nation’s culture, language and its connections to the land to build real world inquires related to how teaching and learning might look different beyond the walls of the classroom.

To love and protect: How land based learning leads to environmental stewardship

I run a nature-based preschool located on the homelands of the Lekwungen nation. This national award-winning program founded on the partnership between children and their environments focuses on explorative play, land-based learning, stewardship and interactive education. My hands-on workshop invites early years educators to develop knowledge and skills to engage our youngest learners in environmental exploration and stewardship. Through ethics of respect, children learn to see nature as an amazing classroom with boundless learning opportunities. We will practice simple yet effective and accessible techniques to foster young children’s nature-based ...

Climate Learning Takes Root in Climate Action

Eco-anxiety has become a prevalent force facing students learning about climate change and environmental issues. This session will explore the importance of connecting students to opportunities for taking climate action as a tool against feelings of eco-anxiety. Students participating in climate action are able to root their learning to real experiences and people who are working for a better future. We hope to expand and compliment your bank of resources for outdoor learning and inspire you to involve your students in climate action that will deepen their connection to their community and outdoor spaces.

Designing activities that address Climate Change and Strategizing Sustainability

Join us in this conference session as we facilitate hands-on, outdoor teaching methods to approach various climate change topics for a broad range of ages. We will first explore “Discovery Stations,” designed to engage the audience informally in climate change conversations through a short, thought provoking, guided activity, using something the audience is already familiar with as a jumping off point. We will then follow up with a few expansion activities that we use in our school field trips that encourage critical thinking, utilizing various forms of activities (listening, tactile, observational, physical, games) catering to different kinds of ...

Developing a Conservation Ethic: Service Work Meets Fun Adventures

When youth have opportunities to have fun in the outdoors through diverse forms of recreation, positive memories of nature can be made. But we can also build upon that by giving youth opportunities to take action in their own communities. Conservation service work opportunities can give youth the tools to then have a deeper appreciation for the natural world and open their eyes to ways we can help to protect and engage with it. Let's chat about how these 2 sides of the coin can be best integrated together.

Environmental Games: Bring the fun of outdoor learning into your classroom

Learn a variety of hands-on environmental games and activities that you can do outdoors with your class or group. Environmental Educators Michelle and Istafa will teach you several activities that you can use anywhere to engage students of all ages in outdoor learning in a fun and interactive way. The activities you will participate in can be applied to science, math, art, and physical education curriculum topics at a variety of grade levels. They also help foster practical skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and communication, and promote curiosity and comfort outdoors in your students.