Day 73 – 41.3 km (total – 1529.5 km)


Spring is in the air!

I have all these grandiose ideas for writing blogs and for making videos, but my energy these days is minimal.  My brain shuts itself off by late afternoon and with it goes any sense of creativity.  So today, in the spirit of passing the buck, I want to share with you a poem.


One of the many pit stops for the ol’ 84 Citation… lookin’ good!

I have a good friend who has been traveling for a few months and really enjoys being outside.  She recently arrived back in Canada, and her mother found a poem she had written in grade 5 expressing her love for being outside.  I have shared some writing and pictures that students we’ve visited have given us, but I thought it might be neat to see how someone who’s now an adult has been shaped by experiences outside.  She sent it to me yesterday and said it was ok to share it.  It’s a good reminder of how our love and appreciation for nature can develop at an early age!


Tomorrow’s run will be along this river into Fredericton

The blossoms on the flowers shone in the mornings light
The chipmunks in the trees watched the birds fly bright
I watched the frogs jump into ponds of joy
As I watched them, they could not destroy
They were lying on gentle lily pads in the misty air
I don’t think I could end up in despair.
I felt I was in the sunny days clouds
As I watched nature live so proud
A flock of geese flew high in the sky
They landed in the lily pond, where they saw the frog’s eye
I watched as the bees guarded their hive
I felt so alive.

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