Day 52 – 30.8 km (total – 1170.7 km)

My legs had no interest in helping me finish 6 marathons in 7 days today.  At the end of yesterday’s run, my IT Band had flared up again.  I spent last night and most of this morning rolling it out on the floor of the RV.  I feel bad for Sarah… she’s lying in bed last night reading her book and had to listen to me gasping and grunting and almost in tears from the pain.  As I started to run this afternoon, it didn’t take long to realize the IT would be the least of my issues.

At the end of yesterday afternoon, we realized the RV’s brake lights and signals were no longer working (the word lemon comes to mind!).  Sarah was wondering why people were riding her tail when she was trying to pull over – there was her answer!  She dropped me off early this afternoon to start running and drove to New Glasgow to see if she could get it fixed.


Hiding from the wind while waiting for my pick up!

Sarah’s perspective – after driving around to 4 different places, she found a dealership that had the time and could deal with it.  She sat all afternoon waiting for the RV to be fixed.  Seems the wiring had been altered and it took them about 3 hours to find the problem and fix it.  Well – almost fix it!

My perspective – By 10 k, my legs didn’t want to go any further.  By 20 k, I was eagerly awaiting a text from Sarah to tell me she was on her way.  By 25 k, I was cold, hungry and my body did not want to go any further.  At 30 k, I took an exit and hid under a tractor trailor until Sarah was done at the dealer.

Tomorrow is a day off – woohoo!

We’re back at the dealership for 8 am to get the final touches done.  Currently, the signals are working but we’re driving around with the hazards on because the brake lights aren’t working.  The rest of the day will be spent running errands and trying to stay warm.  New Glasgow has a YMCA, so we’re contemplating a day pass so we can shower, as the last one was at the terminal of the ferry in Newfoundland 9 days ago!

We just launched the TMO Challenge on our website.  If you’re involved with the education system in any way and would be willing to pass the link around, we’d love to start getting students, teachers and parents involved in making a commitment to getting outside!

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