Day 45/46 – 43.4 km (total – 962.6 km)


Off the ferry and back on the mainland!


Events over the past 72 hours seem a bit skewed.  3 days ago feels like 3 weeks ago.  Mmm… perhaps a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.  After missing the ferry by mere minutes, the next one was at midnight – so we were told.  In reality, it left at 5 am, so it was another night that didn’t entail a lot of sleep.  Celebrating the finish line of reaching the ferry lasted about 7 hours, most of which were spent passed out on orange and yellow chairs in the ferry’s lounge.  I think the designer had a thing for the disco era! The seas were rough in the early hours of the morning, but subsided by the time we woke up.  We enjoyed a beautiful blue sky and calm waters as we came into North Sydney and were back on the mainland.

When the ferry arrived on the mainland at about noon yesterday, we decided to take a little break and enjoy the day.  Canadian Tire had assured us that they had the right nozzle for filling the RV with propane.  They did, but it didn’t work.  So we give up on heat… we’ll survive!  Everyone keeps telling us that spring is just around the corner, so we’ll do our best to believe them!


A beautiful bridge outside of Bras d’Or that I wasn’t supposed to cross… oh well!

We drove into Sydney and were overwhelmed.  There was actually rush hour traffic!  After getting a haircut (which she gave to me for free – best day ever!) and getting some Body Glide (I’m going to dedicate a whole entry soon to chaffing – I have been without BG for a couple of weeks… the stories I have!), we had dinner and decided to go to a movie.  Worst movie ever… anyway, the highlight was treating myself to my favourite snack – popcorn and M & M’s.  Yep, that’s right, salty and sweet together!

We had an appointment for the RV this morning to work out the tire situation, but the end result was that nothing changed.  We did however get an earful from the owner of the shop regarding… well, everything – most of which can’t be repeated.  He was entertaining!


Kelly’s Mountain… not only a 7 k climb, but a headwind! Loved it!! (for real…)

My friend Ruth in Halifax has family in Sydney.  So her father, David Gabriel set up a visit with a school for us at Ferris View Elementary.  It was a lovely new school and Barbara Read, the principal, welcomed us energetically!  We had a great time with the students and wished we could have stayed a bit longer, but we had interrupted class time unexpectedly and I needed to get some miles in for the day (pictures of our visit to come!).  Monday at the school is going to be “Red Day” and money raised will be donated to our project.  Very generous!  And on Monday, I will also wear red… should be interesting running attire!

The rest of the day was spent running!  43.4 km through some beautiful scenery, including a good little 7 k jaunt up Kelly’s Mountain!  Legs felt good today though, so thankful!  Sarah made delicious fajitas for dinner and I’m just about ready for bed.

C’est tout… bonne nuit!

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