Day 43 – 54.9 km (total – 911.5 km)


Mountains on my left



Big open ocean on my right!


It’s been a full day!  Perhaps list form would be good, cause I’m tired!

  • Roger, whose house we parked in front of last night, drove Sarah to the shop this morning to get a new belt and then drove me back east to South Branch where I had stopped running.  Him and his wife Pat split their time between Ontario, where he drives a truck in the Oakville area and Doyles, in Newfoundland.  Most, most helpful!
  • The RV got fixed by Don (who Sarah has a crush on) and all is well with the Chevy Citation aside from the fact it sounds like a Harley.
    Today we passed through what’s known as the Wreckhouse.  High winds are common and have pushed many tractor trailors off the TCH.  Today, the winds were relatively calm.
  • Today’s landscape is one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen.  I had mountains on my left that look larger than life with the white snow contrasting on a blue sky.  And big open ocean… the Atlantic on my right.
  • I put in my biggest day yet… almost 55 k and it felt good.  Anticipation of the ferry mixed with adrenaline certainly helped.  Today was a run/walk combo.  The running felt good!  No issues with my IT Band (please knock on wood if you’re reading this).
  • I veered off the TCH when I found a trail that hugged the ocean.  I ended up a bit lost for awhile but popped out in Cape Ray, only a few k’s from the TCH.  The highlight was seeing a seal off the cliff and watching it chill on a rock.
  • I had run 45 km by the time I met up with Sarah in Cape Ray, but decided to keep going.  It was 15 km to Port-Aux-Basques and there is talk of a wicked storm coming in later tonight.  We’re hoping to catch the ferry tomorrow, so didn’t want too much left to run in the morning.  As of now, I have about 6 k to the ferry.
  • Highlight of the day was when a car stopped in front of me on the TCH this afternoon.  It was Roger.  He slipped me $20 and said, “You guys enjoy a meal on me”!  So we did… the pizza was great!
  • Although the ferry tomorrow might be delayed because of this storm coming in tonight, both Sarah and I are smiling ear to ear.  We’ve almost made it!  You might hear a big “woohoo” tomorrow from the Rock… listen for it!

Warning for the Wreckhouse

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