Day 37 – day off (total – 689.2 km)

Today was a day that both Sarah and I were looking forward to.  It had felt like awhile since we had been in a school, so we were excited to visit J.J. Curling Elementary this afternoon.  This school was one of 6 elementary schools in Corner Brook and again, we were amazed at their commitment to being active.


J.J curling’s version of getting across Canada!

First, as a school, they are “walking across Canada”!  They go outside when they can (in the gym when the weather is foul) and walk or run.  They then add up their distance and plot it on a map.  Currently, they are “in” New Brunswick.  So it was fun to draw some comparisons and we’re going to keep in touch to see when we hit the same spot!  It’ll be interesting to see what part of the country that ends up being in.


Me getting beaten… as usual! These kids are fast!

As well, they have pooled money with the other schools and purchased some cross-country ski equipment.  So every Tuesday and Thursday in the winter, J.J Curling students get the opportunity to go out and ski some trails!  In fact, they hold some inter-school competitions and J.J Curling has won 8 consecutive titles… amazing!

Brian Higdon, principal of the school was thankful for our visit and on the way out the door, presented us with a donation from the school.  We are extremely grateful!  And speaking of donations (smooth segue!), the new [LINK=/component/content/154]donation section[/LINK] on our website is up and running and we could sure use some help!  You can purchase specific items to help us along the way… and our partner KidActive has made it possible to receive a charitable tax receipt for donations made.


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