Day 3 – 32 km (total – 90 km)

coldcolinToday was the first day running on the Trans Canada Highway. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but as the morning progressed, it felt like my runs in Haliburton except with faster cars and bigger trucks. Most of today was divided highway and I ran facing traffic as I will do this entire run. The shoulders were good… plowed well enough to run on the pebble off the paved shoulder, which I like. I got some honks today… 7 to be precise. 4 waves and 2 thumbs up.

We parked in the Foodland lot in Whitbourne… a very small town. I went in to ask if we could park overnight… the lady told me she saw me on tv… “You’re the guy running! Take me outside right?” Long story short, she not only let us park in the lot, she let us use the outlet to plug in the RV! Heat all night… woohoo!

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