Day 247-251 – 178.7 km (total – 6510.8 km)

Just a quick update…

I am a bit behind on my schedule coming into Calgary.  My mind and body are quite fatigued these days, and so today has ended up being a day off which I had hoped would be a running day.  After 8 months of running and living in an RV, I am really starting to feel the affects of doing this.  I am appreciative of all the emails and messages of support as I near the end… although it is only about 4 weeks until I finish in Victoria, my brain can’t seem to process or even fathom being done.  I’m not sure when that moment will come, but for now, it seems like a long time to go.  And a lot of distance to run!

Being defeated is only a temporary condition; giving up is what makes it permanent. - Marilyn vos Savant

Having said this, I am anticipating my time in the Calgary area!  I have some school visits lined up and will have a chance to visit with some good friends over a couple of days.  The biggest piece of news that relieves some of my stress is having my friend Jen come to help drive through the Rockies.  A couple of weeks ago, I started feeling anxious about going through the mountains on my own, particularly in October.  Jen graciously agreed to help me for 3 weeks and I am extremely grateful to have this much needed help!

The quote above resonates with me today.  I think there can be many moments through life where we can feel defeated in something we’re doing, whatever that something is.  I certainly feel that way when I look at my watch on a given day and I’ve only run 20 km and am dead tired but still have another 30 to go.  Somehow, it’s finding that balancing act of accepting a sense of defeat but knowing you’ll push on to finish whatever it is you’ve set out to do.  Easier said than done – no doubt.  But in these days, I am learning how much each step, both literally and figuratively, add up.

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