Day 229-233 – 221.5 km (total – 5867.5 km)

Enjoying the first school visit back after the summer holiday.  The students at Grant Road School in Regina were great – it was a beautiful day and we were able to meet outside.  Thanks to Mark Wilson for helping set this visit up!  Felt good to be chatting with students again!

Having some members of the Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association come out to meet me on Monday and bike in beside me while I ran into the city.  It even included a police escort!

My friends Audrey and Peta, who have helped me out with driving since last Friday.  Such a nice treat to run and not worry about hitchhiking.

Some of the members of SOEEA hosting a potluck last night in support of the TMO Project.  Delicious food and great company!

While running on Monday, I heard the call of a hawk.  I turned to my right and this hawk was coming right at me.  I must have looked a little ridiculous as I dropped to the ground wanting to avoid this magnificent bird.  A warm Regina welcome I’m told!

Audrey has welcomed me into her home as a base for a few days.  A great part is letting Koona spend an entire day outside of the RV!

I thought fall was coming… it has been a hot couple of days of running… Thursday is supposed to be 34 degrees… yikes!

More thoughts to come on the prairies… but I love this part of the country!  I am enthralled with the landscape and the immensity of the sky surrounding it.

Today is a day off.  After 10 straight days of running, I am more than happy to put up my feet and enjoy a day of rest!

I continue to be thankful for all the emails and messages of support, often accompanied by a personal story of enjoying time outside!


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