Day 235-237 – 123.7 km (total – 5991.2 km)

It’s been fun going back into some schools and feeling the energy of a new school year.  The students at St. Michael School were full of questions and we had a great time together!  One of my favourite moments was running a lap with Matthew after the other students had gone back to class.  Matthew’s autism certainly didn’t stand in the way of beating me in a race – he was quite fast!

It was another hot day in the prairies.  I have had issues having enough water, but just made it today, getting in about 51 km.  My good friend Audrey had commitments this weekend, so it was back to hitchhiking today.  I think people wonder what I’m doing in the middle of nowhere with my thumb out.  The gentleman who picked me up poked fun at me for just that… but had kind words once I told him my story.

Dinner is calling my name… pasta – again!!

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