Day 177-184 – 269.1 km (total – 4170.4 km)

After  a full week without cell or internet coverage, I have found free wifi  at the A & W in White River!  It seems Bell does work in this  region, but not if you have a “smartphone” that works on a 3G signal,  which is what I have.  It has been both nice and extremely difficult to  not be “connected”.  I have enjoyed some good time away from my computer  and phone, yet have felt very disconnected from friends and family.


This  stretch between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay is proving to be one  of the more challenging parts of this run.  Although it’s the TCH and  it’s summer, there is not a lot of traffic!  Yesterday took three and a  half hours to get a ride back to the RV after running 44 km.  The days  have been long and most of them hot.  But the payoff has been running  along Superior.  The views are amazing and I have been able to stay in a  couple of provincial parks, ending my long days with a nice swim in  Superior!  My friend Ginny Hudson, who worked at Wanakita, currently  works as a naturalist at Lake Superior Provincial Park.  She drove by me  on Saturday as I was trying to hitch a ride and ended up helping me out  with getting to my starting point.  Tobin Day is a friend of a friend  who I had not met before, but on Monday a car pulled over on the TCH and  minutes later, Tobin was out in her running gear and joined me for  about 5k.


There  are so many stories that I will eventually share.  To be honest, the  mental fatigue is wearing on me and I am determined to get to Thunder  Bay as quickly as possible.  I am thankful for the emails that I am  beginning to read.  Thank you for the continued support and I will  update again the next time I find some free wifi.


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