Day 170-172 – 108.3 km (total – 3797.2 km)


Picnic stop for lunch between Blind River and Iron Bridge.

I’m gunning for the Sault, so this will just be a quick update.  The last few days have been long, yesterday in particular.  I spent 4 hours with my thumb out trying to hitch a ride to my starting point, but couldn’t get picked up for the life of me.  I decided to give up and instead run my distance backwards.  So for the first time in over 5 months, I ran east.  It felt strange, but at the end of the day I still got in the distance that I needed to.  In total it was an 11 hour day.  But my ride home was with Mike.  He works in Sudbury and was on his way up to Sleeping Giant Park in Thunder Bay to meet up with his kids to do some camping for the weekend.  We had a great conversation as he drove me back to the RV.  He filled me in on some of the First Nations events going on in the area as well as some concerns among the Elders about our environment. He left me with a generous donation and his parting words were, “Keep your ears open to everything that you will encounter on this journey – the trees, the animals, the wind…you are on a special journey.”
Good advice.

Koona playing dead

Koona playing dead

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