Day 123-127 – Long weekend rest!

The Trent Severn...

The Trent Severn…

Over the weekend, I had the chance to reread some of the emails that students have sent me after our school visits. I thought I’d share a few today…

Hi, I’m glad you came to our school and last night mainly I was playing outside until I had to get ready for bed.

Hi I’m matthew. I think its really brave what you are doing. I hope you make it all the way. I was outside last night playing in my treefort.

I went outside for 3 hours

hi Colin its jarrett that you did that interview with at front of yonge and i think more peaple sould go outside and be active because if peaple were to just sit around and be lazy in the futrue they will be fat and not very athletic.

Hi Colin, Today you came to my school, and i just wanted to tell you how much I support and believe in what you are doing:) I think that the message you are trying to send to kids is a great one, and i agree that we should really spend more time in the great outdorrs!(:(: Since your prensentation I have relized how important it is to stay healthy, and active and to enjoy ouside. I will definatley try harder to be outside then to stay inside and be on the computer 24/7! Thank you for making sure that this message is being sent to kids everywhere, and for sending the message to me! Sincerly, Ruby – Grade 6

when you run do you look down at your feet or straigt a head

it was nice that you came to visit our school. I liked playing Jackpot. I have never played that before. The day before you came i was ridding my bike all day! Keep running!

Hi thank you for comeing. I like to play soccer & play at the park.

I have been playing outside a lot and running a lot too!

hi! I think it is really cool that your running across canada. Do you think it will be in the Guiness Book of World Records? I think it will one day. i really like that game 500 that you playd with us. what is your fav thing to do outside?mine is to play. thank you agin for coming to our school.

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