Day 10 – 27.2 km (total – 253.8 km)


A quick hike when we arrived at Terra Nova National Park

Last night we were parked in the back of an Iriving gas station in Port Blandford.  Today was supposed to be a day off from running, but my legs felt good and Terra Nova National Park was so close, so I decided to run as far as I could so we could get into the Park.  And did it ever pay off!  I put in 27 km and then we found Newman Sound campground.  Alexis at the Administrative office directed us to our piece of paradise… a plowed, sanded spot for the RV, right across from a bathroom and shower.  A SHOWER!  2nd one in a week and a half… I might even have another one tomorrow!  Koona and I went for a lovely walk as the sun set, and tomorrow will be a day of exploring Terra Nova, either by foot or by ski on one of their many groomed trails!  Sarah said she might just decide to stay here forever… hoping she’s kidding!


We have the whole campground to ourselves!

I’ll remind people again over the coming weeks, but just a heads up that on our new website, we have a section called ‘Canadians Outside’.  Our hope is to tell the stories of students, teachers, parents or anyone else who are committed to getting children and youth outside.  If you know of anyone, we’d love a short write up on them and what they’ve done… maybe a couple of paragraphs and a photo.  If you send it, we’ll do our best to get it up on the website.  The hope is that these stories can inspire other people across the country to follow suit and start their own projects in their own communities.  You can email us on the website…


A walk with Koona at sunset

Oh, I forgot…The alleged biggest hill in Newfoundland I ran a few days ago just got replaced by the one today in Terra Nova.  If you check out my link on Garmin, you’ll see what I mean!  The hill was about 3 km long…

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