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Leave No Trace Canada's mission is to promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation through science-based education and partnerships throughout Canada.

Leave No Trace Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting outdoor ethics and the seven Leave No Trace principles with the goal of encouraging Canadians to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors while protecting Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. Leave No Trace helps raise public awareness regarding the importance of respecting Canada’s wilderness and natural areas by providing the public with a science-based framework and offering proven, research-based solutions to protect and enjoy our natural areas.

Key Resources

Development of a “key in hands” presentation for awareness workshop coming up shortly!
For all training events, visit https://leavenotrace.ca/training/#cid=1811&wid=1101
For more :
- https://leavenotrace.ca/video-training-page/
- https://leavenotrace.ca/the-seven-principles-of-leave-no-trace/

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