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landED is an educational program that offers land-based design and environmental learning through a variety of resources, tools, and workshops. This program is designed to help communities engage with and enhance their outdoor spaces. At landED, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge of design and nature, by cultivating relationships between people and the landscapes that surround them.

Established in 2019 as a landscape enrichment program by Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture (LBLA), landED is committed to helping communities engage with their environment. We offer land-based design and environmental learning through lesson packages, place-based education toolkits, and interactive outdoor workshops. Our focus on nature programming extends to all seasons of the year, adapting to the drastic landscape changes we experience in our northern climate. landED programming takes into consideration the different scales of landscape availability, from hardtop schoolyards, to forest and field exploration. Our programming offers safe and inclusive lesson plans and activities that promote risky play through nature-based exploration. No matter the outdoor space, age, or skill level, landED offers programming that works to meet your needs. LBLA’s design clients also have access to content specifically tailored towards activating the landscape spaces designed by our firm. With our knowledge and passion for landscape architecture and the design of ecological systems, our team is excited and ready to help you enliven and connect with your outdoor spaces

Free Downloadable Resources from landED MB: