Day 257-261 – 185.1 km (total – 6825.1 km)

Since  running into the mountains, it’s been a busy few days.  My deepest  thanks to Rob and Chloe Vance for taking me in and helping me to have a  good day off!  It was just what the doctor ordered.  And thanks to John  and Erin Krohe… they took Jen in for the day off.  I had just met John  the night he came to pick up Jen and he ended up running with me the  following day for 10k as I ran out of Canmore!  As I was running through  Banff, an old Outward Bound friend saw me as he was driving by, so it  was a chance encounter in the Rockies!  Thanks Derek!  My friend Liza  came out to run with me yesterday morning, which was great!  She’s been  an elite adventure racer for years, so it was kind of her to run my slow  pace!!  And after crossing the BC border yesterday, Jen made an amazing  chicken curry to celebrate!

Couldn't be more happy crossing this last border!

Couldn’t be more happy crossing this last border!

This  morning, it’s back to seeing my own breath in the RV.   It’s about 0  degrees but the sun is slowly coming up over the mountains and we’re  hoping for a nice day.   It’s hard to beat the contrast of white snow on  the peaks against the rich blue sky… hard not to be inspired by these  giants… hard not to have a big smile as I head further into the  mountains!

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