Day 113 – Healthy Women!


One of two outdoor classrooms at North of Yonge School.

Over  the past few months I’ve gotten to know a couple of Public Health  Nurses who work out of the Health Unit for the Brockville surrounding  area.  I met Diana Steadman at a conference last fall and she has been a  constant supporter of this project.  She works with Nicole Tobias  Last  Friday, she went into one of her schools, St. John Bosco, and led a  Take Me Outside Walk-A-Thon!  So it was really fun for her to have set  the stage for TMO coming to the school today!  When we arrived, the  students were already outside having recess so I was able to join in an  intense soccer game!  And there was great energy in the gym when we  chatted with them afterwards!


Sign from last Friday’s walk-a-thon

We  also went to North of Yonge School in the afternoon.  After our time in  the gym, I had the chance to check out their schoolyard.  It had trees  in it!  The parent council had done a lot with the yard… built some  playground structures as well as two outdoor classrooms amidst the  trees.  The principal invited 7 students to join myself, Diana and  Nicole for a chat afterwards to ask some questions and dig a bit deeper  into the issue.  The hope is that these students can take a bit of a  leadership role in continuing to champion this message!


A nice greeting!

It  was a great day and I thank Nicole and Diana for not only inviting us  to some of their schools, but for being on the frontline of trying to  encourage these students to live healthy lives.  They even let my  shedding husky come for the ride… I feel bad for all the hair she left  in the back!  Thanks so much for a great day… very uplifting to see such  amazing things happening in these schools!

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