Day 112 – The Capital

Gigantic cookie brought to be by Jory Nash for the Potluck! Thanks Jory!!

Gigantic cookie brought to be by Jory Nash for the Potluck! Thanks Jory!!

Today has turned into one of the more beautiful days yet.  I’m hoping I can continue to say the in the coming weeks!  This morning, I visited Manor Park Public School and had a great time with about 500 students.  As the weather turns warmer, you can just feel the energy of students wanting to be outside.  I usually try to ask students what they enjoy doing outside.  Today, the majority of hands went up in the air – there was a lot of excitement for riding bikes, climbing trees and skateboarding!  The principal introduced to me to Storm, a grade 3 student.  He looked like he could have been in grade 6 he was so tall!  She shared with me how Storm lives just across the street and she always sees him outside playing.  As I reflect on this brief encounter, I might argue that it is Storm who is perhaps having an impact on the adults for time spent outside… children can embody so much of what we feel we’ve sometimes lost.  It was great to meet him!

This afternoon, I visited Corpus Christi School… right before the end of the day. Students were decked out in their shorts and t-shirts and anxious for me to stop talking so they could go outside and play!  But we had a good chat and they were pretty astute to some of the health concerns that come from spending too much time in front of screens.

I also had the chance to go for a good walk with my friend Claire along the Canal today.  It brought back memories of my summers in Ottawa.  And even on a Monday afternoon, the pathways were flooded with walkers, runners, bikers… it was so tempting to want to start running with some of these people.  But for this week, my running shoes have been traded for flip flops and I’m enjoying a more relaxed pace to my travels!  With the sky as blue as it is, it’s difficult not to grin and forget about the winter that was. Spring and even hints of summer are here, and I’m loving every moment just as much as those students I met today!

I also want to thank my good friend Jal who organized an amazing potluck while I was in Toronto over the weekend!  It was so great to see so many of my friends… in the flesh!  A lovely evening – thank you Jal!

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