Signs of Spring

Grades: All

Subjects: Arts & English Language Arts; Natural Sciences; Math

We love activities with low prep times and rich learning experiences, and a nature walk in Spring sure is it. This is a great excuse for your students to connect with the natural world while using all their senses. From melting ice to birds chirping, to the smell of rain and new blossoms: the signs of Spring are all around us! For the younger ones, create a checklist of spring signs they can discover on a scavenger hunt outside, and for higher grades, a sensory nature walk can lead to a meaningful and fulfilling journaling, art, or writing opportunity.

For help creating a checklist, check out this detailed Nature Walk prompts blog or find fun and affordable printable scavenger hunt sheets created by other teachers.

Nature wands to make for outdoor play with children

Restore Our Earth (with Nature Wands)

Grades: JK-3

Subjects: Natural Sciences; Arts & English Languages

If there’s one day that screams for outdoor activities (after Take Me Outside Day), it’s Earth Day! And we’ve found a fun and easy activity that fits perfectly with this year’s theme of ‘Restore Our Earth’. It will not only give the little ones a chance to learn about the natural world around us that needs restoring, but will give them a magical boost of motivation so they can feel like they truly can (using their nature wands!). Take those kids on a walk outside and have them make their very own nature wand with just a stick, masking tape, and all the treasures they collect from outside.

Once your students pick their sticks, hand them some masking tape to wrap around the stick, ensuring the sticky side is exposed. Leave part of the stick un-taped, which can act as the handle. Now the fun part is letting the kids go and find interesting pieces of nature to stick on their wand, so they can add their own little touch of nature’s magic to their wand. This activity can be paired with asking your students to use their nature wand to make a wish that can help restore our planet!

Check out this fun blog to read about how the nature wand activity really goes down with kids, and find more details and ideas.


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