May Learning Challenge Resources

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Grades: All

Subjects: Arts & English Language Arts; Natural Sciences; Math

We’ll take any excuse to get outside, and an outdoor nature scavenger hunt is a great one. This is an activity that requires some preparation depending on your age group but we promise it’s totally worth it! A nature scavenger hunt can keep kids engaged, excited and exploring all day if done right. Start by identifying a list of species or natural objects that exist in the nearby outdoors (a type of tree, flower, animal) or go for colours (this option cuts your prep time). If you want to make it more challenging, combine the two (a purple flower, a black bug). Make sure to include boundaries and rules that keep kids safe and focussed on their connection to nature.

 Older kids can enjoy scavenger hunts too! Create a specific set of clues focused on challenging finds (an animal’s home, five different types of leaves). This is a natural opportunity to teach your class about the natural ecosystem and local critters. Split kids up into teams to drive competitiveness, or include some tricks such as a relay or trivia if they need more of a challenge! There are endless possibilities out there to make scavenger hunts creative and exciting for all ages, and we’re here for it! Take a look here to get inspired.

Flower Artists

Grades: JK-3

Subjects: Arts & English Language Arts; Natural Sciences

Start by identifying a nearby flowerbed or group of wild flowers that is safe and accessible, and take your class there. You will need to gather some paint (watercolours or liquid tempera) and scrapbook paper by the flowers, and you can sit back and watch your young artists create their masterpieces! For the older ones, throw in a plant ID or quiz on native and invasive species, or try to incorporate a lesson about the growth and life cycle of common flowers. If you need an expert identifier, follow this quick and easy guide on what to look for when identifying flowering plants!

This activity will allow kids to strengthen their observation skills, learn about colours, get creative and understand the flowering plants in their backyard. For more skill-building exercises that are educational and help burn off energy, check out this article.

1 Reply to "May Learning Challenge Resources"

  • Tanya Duchaine
    May 6, 2021 (10:12 am)

    We did a nature scavenger hunt yesterday to link learning about plants. Kindergarten students were challenged to find a root, stem and leaf. This was then recorded in their science journals and will extend to an art project today. The students were engaged, excited and able to identify all the parts. The best part was watching the students help each other and debate the characteristics of each part. All I had to do was supervise and photograph their finds. Here is the Yukon Spring is coming late but the targeted lessons are keeping the students focused on outdoor learning. We have been outside for almost every day this school year (-40 kept us inside for about a week;)