2020 Impact Report


We’re excited to share our annual impact report for 2020! 
This past October, we celebrated 10 years of Take Me Outside Day, with more than 225,000 students and teachers participating across Canada in October 2020. And while 2020 was a difficult year to navigate with a pandemic, it also provided us a sense of hope for the work Take Me Outside and other organizations are doing. Outdoor learning came to the forefront as a way to physically distance from traditional indoor classrooms and we believe this is reflective in the progress we’ve been working toward. As we look to the future, we believe there is opportunity to continue to amplify the lessons learned during the pandemic, foremost, that not all learning has to happen inside at a desk. We look forward to remaining an advocate of outdoor learning and bringing the experiences of the past decade with us as we move into 2021 and beyond.
– Colin Harris, Executive Director
CLICK HERE to access Take Me Outside’s 2020 Impact Report!