Take Me Outside Winter Challenge 2022

Olympic Edition!

That’s a wrap! Thanks for participating in the 2022 #TMOWinterChallenge ❄️
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This annual challenge encourages educators and learners to embrace the season and get outside. This year from Feb 14-28th, we showcased all the ways physical activity can be enjoyed outdoors, even in the very coldest months! In fact, our Canadian Olympic athletes showed us just that in Beijing, China during the Winter Olympics. But you don’t need to be at an Olympic level to have fun. Check out all our submissions from across the country through the hashtag or on our gallery!

The Winter Challenge is pretty simple:

  1. Register to get started and receive activity and resource ideas throughout the challenge.
  2. You and your learners spend as much time outside as much as possible between whether it’s a few times a week or every day.
  3. Participate in winter activity suggestions. We know how important both physical and mental health are not only to our Canadian Athletes, but to all of us. Check out our activity blog for fun ideas and inspiration to get you outside each day.
  4. Inspire others by sharing photos of your winter fun on social media with the hashtag #TMOWinterChallenge!

Want to win a gold medal? Each day you spend outside gets you closer… And the more you go outside, the better your prize could be!

🥇 Gold medal: Spend at least 6 days outside over the challenge to win a $150 MEC gift card and a set of waterproof journals for their class.

  • Winner: Christine L.

🥈 Silver medal: Spend at least 4 days outside over the challenge to win a $100 MEC gift card and a set of guidebooks from the Outdoor Learning Store for their class.

  • Winner: Kelly G.

🥉 Bronze medal: Spend at least 2 days outside over the challenge to win a $50 MEC gift card and a set of TMO stickers for their class.

  • Winner: Jenny M.

And congrats to all the participant winners throughout the challenge!

Remember to check out our daily activity page for more inspiration to get outside! And don’t miss our online gallery, updated throughout the challenge (check out both Page 1 and Page 2).

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