Read aloud: “Perfectly Noisy”

Join author, teacher, and mother Lisa Carmody Doiron, as she reads from her new book called Perfectly Noisy.

Bear is a fellow who is overwhelmed by his noisy life. He finds the lights, clocks, voices, and sounds at school TOO MUCH! Bear tries different ways to calm himself down, but he always ends up losing his cool! Will Bear ever find a place that is perfectly noisy?

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Illustrations by Jupiter’s Muse.

1 Reply to "Read aloud: "Perfectly Noisy""

  • Claire Caseley Smith
    May 14, 2022 (4:31 am)

    This story was enjoyable from the beginning to the end! It has beautiful rhyming phrases that never seem clunky or cumbersome, and the illustrations are beautiful! More than that, the content is excellent! Bear is a character that many children can relate to. There are so many children who find the hustle and bustle of our modern society overwhelming, and through Bear, we get to not only see some strategies for how to deal with that stress, but also the importance of taking the time to “unplug” from all of the tumult! This is a perfect read for bedtime, laptime, classtime, or anytime in between!!