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Since 1987, Wildsight has been recognized as a leader in large-scale conservation, sustainable community initiatives and environmental education. While our work focuses on the Kootenays, and has received recognition from the communities in which we work, we are renowned throughout the province and across Canada for our effective conservation and environmental education programs, excellence, and innovation in all that we do.

At our heart, we are a grassroots organization, harnessing our power from the people whose lives affect and are affected by our work. We strive to inspire a conservation ethic in our children and in our communities so that the future leaders of tomorrow will be equipped to deal with the challenges of sustainability.

Key Resources

Wildsight hosts many events across the Columbia and Kootenay regions of Canada through their six branches. Check them all out here : https://wildsight.ca/events/
For more resources, visit :
- https://wildsight.ca/educationresources/
- https://wildsight.ca/programs/knowyourwatershed/know-your-watershed-online-2020-students/
- https://wildsight.ca/programs/teach-the-columbia/


“Kids remember what they do. Through Wildsight environmental education programs, students made special connections to their wild backyards, with plants as their guardians, and with the all the different types of animals that live there. They now have memories and language that they own in relation to the wetland and the marsh we visited. They also got to experience the passion and excitement of the educator and the visiting biologist, which was infectious. These connections are the foundation in kids learning to care about the environment.” - Quote from teacher who experienced a Wildsight environmental education program

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