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A future where relationship with Land is supported and accessible to all NWT children and educators through their communities, families and schools. Land guides learning for all in an ethical space that balances Indigenous and Euro-western worldviews and approaches. This way of being supports healthy relationships with ourselves, each other and the Land.

Key Resources

Based in Yellowknife, we provide training and mentorship to educators to bring their practice outdoors. We are grounded in a Land-based philosophy where Indigenous and Euro-western world views co-exist in a mutually respectful and welcoming space (i.e., “ethical space”). We practice play-based, inquiry-based, child-led and emergent learning approaches where safe risk taking is supported. We also work with young leaders, educators and decision-makers to integrate this way of learning at all levels.

The Bushkids Program is an on-the-Land learning initiative based in Yellowknife, NT. Developing healthy relationships with ourselves, each other, and the Land is one of the primary principles of Bushkids. To support this, children learn in their natural environment using an inquiry-based and play-based learning approach. Learn more: https://bushkids.ca/bushkids-program/
For more : https://gordonfoundation.ca/resource/chloe-dragon-smith-policy-paper/

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