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ImaginED is a blog designed to support and enable imagination-focused teaching in all contexts, from formal to alternative learning contexts, and from primary school through higher education. ImaginED is about education that inspires all learners. To support outdoor learning, ImaginED develops and shares research, resources and practices on Imaginative Ecological Education, or IEE, teaching practices.
Imaginative Ecological Education blends imagination-focused teaching with Place-based teaching. The overall aim of the IEE approach is to provide powerful learning opportunities that also cultivate students’ understanding of the connectedness of all life and their sense of care and concern for the Earth. To support this goal, imaginative and ecologically shaped teaching activities engage the heart with knowledge, the body in learning, and learning in place. The Walking Curriculum is a very accessible way to begin your imaginative and ecological outdoor learning. Enjoy the resources!

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In lieu of a Walking Curriculum 30-day challenge this year, we want to do something different! We want to go deeper with imagination-focused practices and unearth the principles that infuse the Walking Curriculum. Learn more & sign up for Spring TIPS here : .

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