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GreenLearning creates free education programs about energy, climate change and the green economy that engage and empower students to create positive change for our evolving world. Our programs include both hands-on and critical thinking activities to equip teachers with the educational tools they need to help students understand complex environmental issues.
We believe that environmental education is enhanced when young learners have the opportunity to go outside and connect with nature. That’s why several of our programs include activities that bring the learning outdoors. GreenLearning’s programs go further by enabling young people to take their love for the environment and translate it into positive actions to help tackle climate change in their schools, communities and beyond.

Key Resources

GreenLearning’s Earth Month Activity Calendar — April 2023. GreenLearning is curating a whole month of free activities, based on our resources, which will cover a wide range of subjects and topics. These resources will provide an opportunity for you to extend learning in and out of the classroom for students with fun, daily activities they can do for Earth Month. From lessons to workshops and live events, the activity calendar will have everything you need to create a rich learning experience for students.
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