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Evergreen is a national social enterprise with the mission of making cities across the country more livable, prosperous and green. Within this broad scope of work, we offer a variety of outdoor and experiential learning opportunities for children and youth.

Key Resources

Virtually Outdoors is FREE for public schools across Ontario for Oct/Dec of 2023 : https://www.evergreen.ca/evergreen-brick-works/children-youth/education-programs/virtually-outdoors/
Our Children & Youth education programs focus on building lasting connections between students, educators and the natural world.
These programs take a playful, experience-based approach to learning about the intersection between urban, natural and built worlds while meaningfully addressing climate change, connection to place and Indigenous reconciliation. We strive to empower the next generation to build a resilient future.
Visiting Schools Program: Based in the heart of Toronto’s ravine system at Evergreen Brick Works, our Visiting School Program connects children to nature, gets them active, and cultivates their ecological literacy.
Browse our Mindfully Outdoors Activity Book here : https://www.evergreen.ca/downloads/pdfs/MindfullyOutdoors_Evergreen.pdf !

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