November 2022 Outdoor Learning Ideas

The 2022-23 Take Me Outside for Learning Challenge is officially underway! 

If you happen to be one of the 4,500+ educators who has committed to a full school year of weekly outdoor and land-based learning we offer our utmost gratitude to you! In this post, we’re passing on some of the ideas we share with Learning Challenge participants each month to support their commitment of weekly outdoor learning. We hope they also equip you with inspiration for your time outside. Let the fun, celebration, and connection to the earth begin! We believe in sharing good news stories, so please email us ( or tag us on Instagram ( or Twitter (@takemeoutside) when you share your moments of joy in your time outside this school year!

Featured Activities

#Decarbonize Art4Climate

“An annual international art contest hosted by TakingITGlobal and the Centre for Global Education. The goal of Art4Climate is to encourage creativity from young people, to display their thoughts, ideas, and emotions about our planet’s environment and the impacts of climate change. We want children to unleash their creativity on an unsuspecting world. Show us what climate change means to you and your community!”

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North American Association for Environmental Education: Outside for 5

“Get inspired to start your Outside for 5 journey with a sampling of helpful resources, curriculum, and ideas for learning outdoors! For at least 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, or any meaningful amount of time, you can support the social-emotional wellness of your students, other educators, and your school community.”

Ever Active Schools: Still I Rise

“This event serves as an excellent opportunity to support Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike in walking together towards reconciliation.” Join together to celebrate stories and foster resilience among students from grade 6-12 across Turtle Island. Registration is required but it’s free to attend this one-day virtual event on Thursday November 24th. The draft agenda is also available here.

Outdoor Learning Resources

Healthy Schools Certification

“Healthy Schools Certification gives your school the tools to promote and enhance the health and well-being of students, school staff, and the broader school community. Now is the time to prioritize health, collaboration, and connection in your school community!”

Registration is open until Fri Nov 25th, and gives you access to activity ideas, resources, support, training, and consultations! More information can be found on their website and in the 2022-23 Guidebook.

Communauté d’apprentissage en plein air

L’organisme Take me outside/Amène-moi a maintenant sa propre page Facebook en français! C’est un privilège de pouvoir converser avec des gens partout dans le Canada et à travers le monde. De plus en plus, la pédagogie extérieure/classe extérieure démontre des bienfaits auprès des enfants et des enseignants. Reconnecter avec la nature et, avec ce qu’elle a à nous offrir, c’est un plus pour tout le monde! Je vous invite à briser les murs de votre classe et de profiter de la nature et ses merveilles! Partagez vos activités, vos aventures!

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