Learning Challenge 2021-22 Impact Report

Launched during the 2019/20 school year, the Take Me Outside Learning Challenge has grown to encompass participation in almost every province and territory across the country. The goal is simple: encourage educators to implement outdoor learning with their students once per week from September to June. Ultimately the Learning Challenge works to extend the impact of Take Me Outside Day by offering tools & resources for building a community of educators committed to taking their classroom beyond four walls and relishing in the positive impacts of outdoor learning. Below are just some of the impacts of this year’s Learning Challenge.

  • 6,991 educators participated in the Take Me Outside for Learning Challenge, which represented an estimated…
  • 282,007 total learner participants
  • 78.3% of participants were able to fulfill the commitment of weekly outdoor learning at least 60% of the time
  • 42.3% of those surveyed were outside with their learners weekly throughout the entire year!

Check out the 2021-22 Impact Report

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