June Learning Challenge Resources

Recycled Planters

Grades: All

Subjects: Arts, Natural Sciences and Math

Give recycling a new lease of life with this recycled planters lesson idea! This activity provides a context for a learning for sustainability, interdisciplinary project.

You will need: old plastic containers or cartons; paints, wool and other craft materials for decoration; glue and scissors; a mixture of top soil and compost; suitable crocks such as rocks, gravel or broken pots; and seeds or seedlings. Start by asking the children to consider the features needed for a plant pot such as waterproof material, drainage etc., and then begin creating!

This activity not only allows students to think critically about project planning and environmental relationships, but it also encourages creativity in a safe, exploratory way! For more details on how to plan this activity click here.

Symmetry Ideas

Grades: K – 7

Subjects: Math

Symmetry is a really fun and easy topic to take outside with minimal preparation and it has a side benefit of combining nature and math! There is also no shortage of resources in nature and as long as you are aware of your surroundings and any hazards, the opportunities are endless.

Get outside and try to find objects with 1, 2, 3, or 4 lines of symmetry. You can then get kids to record their findings on a sheet, take a photo of it, or simply just let them enjoy finding symmetry. You can also find time for students to present or explain their creations. For more details and ideas of how to find symmetry in nature, click here.

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