Day 81 – 42.2 km (total – 1815.6 km)

The view off the TCH between Woodstock and Perth-Andover.

The view off the TCH between Woodstock and Perth-Andover.

Last night, I sat in Murray’s (the Irving restaurant) doing some work, as it was open until 11:30.  I came out to walk back to the RV and saw a clear sky filled with stars.  The night sky has seduced me many times.

After university, I headed up to Fort Smith in the NWT to work with First Nations students in a leadership program they had there.  I was a don in a residence where the students lived – about 17 of them.  They came from smaller communities around the territories in hopes of getting good enough marks at the high school in Smith to go to college or university.  One evening, a few weeks into September, I heard my name called.  “Kaleush”, they yelled.  It was a nickname I had adopted – I’m not sure how!  They were all out on the front steps of the residence, so I walked out the doors and joined them.  They asked me to look up and when I did, I was disoriented.  I was dumbfounded.  I couldn’t quite comprehend what was going on.  It was as if they had set up an elaborate light show… there were oranges and blues and reds and yellows, and the colours seemed to be dancing.  And they were dancing right above me.  Not way off in the distant sky, but close enough to feel like I could touch them.  I had seen the aurora borealis before – the northern lights of central Ontario.  But not like this.  I watched in awe as the lights danced for more than half an hour.  I think the students were even impressed!  I continued to experience the northern lights during my time in the NWT, but never like that again.  And whenever I experience a clear sky on a cool evening, I think of that night in Smith.  I think of the wonder that is the aurora borealis and I think of my time with those students.  It’s a special memory.

The night sky has so much mystery in it…
Where has that mystery captured you?

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